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"Well this wasn't my first Linux, but I got rid of it.
It wasn't no good."

[ Microsoft BASIC 80 Manual (OCR) ]

Join us on IRC: irc.mpcclub.info:8887 (#altair)

(Note that this might not be running 24/7)

Since people on Mastodon and aNONradio took so much interest in my Altair 8800, I decided I want to allow people to be able to connect to it and mess with it sometimes, and maybe we could have a nice stream party or something!

Simply connect via the Millsaps Computer Club unix server as follows:

ssh altair@mpcclub.info -p 422

Enjoy! There's a queueing system, so if you've been connected (not counting queue time) for more than 15 minutes and other users are in line, you'll be booted. But feel free to reconnect as many times as you'd like! Just don't hog the queue :)

If you want to connect and get the live output of the serial connection in your terminal (no queue for this, obviously), then simply login as 'altair-log':

ssh altair-log@mpcclub.info -p 422

Telnet is also available! Simply telnet to mpcclub.info and either use port 8080 to join the queue or port 8081 to watch the log file.

telnet mpcclub.info 8080

Please also consider donating to my Paypal. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

Also consider joining Sector Disk! It's free, and you get to be a part of FLOPPY DISK SPACE!

A few extra notes:

Even more content on gopher://sdf.org/1/users/jebug29/altair

Si deseas instrucciones en español, puedes seguir este tutorial del usuario peron

[Picture of Altair]

Get ready to throw some swords

A Zork guestbook is available as a sector on a real 3.5" floppy on Sector Disk! You can add to the guestbook by editing sector 1977. You can view it on the web [ here ]. To edit it, log in to the 'zork-guestbook' account.

ssh zork-guestbook@sectordisk.pw
Password: takeleaflet

Please read the 'README' file once you've logged in. :)

The Altair is also available to be viewed live via webcam! Click on the image below to be taken to my page where you can view a live feed of the Altair for ~2 minutes at a time.

[Altair Live]